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bottleneck blues

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The monthly session usually features Martin with West Weston and Tim Huskisson.


Previous guests at Martin's Monday Blues nights (which used to be weekly) include Ramon Goose, Dom Pipkin, Guy Tortora, Ben Tyzack, Leo Bud Welch, Tim Aves, Johnny Wright, Mississippi MacDonald, Jim Crawford, Jerimiah Marques, Digby Fairweather, Dave Ferra, Connor Selby, Nolan Wiltz, Paul Woodley, Claire Hamlin, Ian Goodsman, Rob Glazebrook, John Campling, Chris Kibble, Ruby Florence, Roy Mette, Richard Townend, Dave Symonds, Dexter Shaw, Francesca Shaw, Richie Milton, Bill Farrow, Simon Routh, Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke. All fabulous -- and apologies to those I missed.









DUST MY BLUES with West Weston IT HURTS ME TOO with West Weston 11402752_1420406484950600_1591285172773004899_n 11412109_1420403521617563_3395138216355908704_n 11393146_1420406511617264_16481919924075550_n (1)

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PREVIOUSLY AT MONDAY BLUES...Guests who have played with Martin at Monday Blues include Dave Ferra, Guy Tortora, Dom Pipkin, Ben Tyzack, Connor Selby, Leo Bud Welch, Katie Bradley, Jim Crawford, Digby Fairweather, Nolan Wiltz, Mark Stuart, Paul Woodley, Graeme Turner, Jerimiah Marques, Claire Hamlin, Steve English, Paul Cook, Ramon Goose, Chris Corcoran, Ian Goodsman, Rob Glazebrook, John Campling, Mississippi MacDonald, Chris Kibble, Roy Webber, Ruby Florence, Tony Sandeman, Ramon Goose, Roy Mette, John Wright, Richard Townend, Dave Symonds, Jerimiah Marques, JJ Zarbo, Paul Woodley, Paul Milligan, Dexter Shaw, Francesca Shaw, West Weston, Tim Huskisson, Richie Milton, Bill Farrow, Simon Routh, Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke, Tim Aves.

Players appear by invitation; it is not an open mic session.

12034375_10153314640797732_5558713625228515898_o SAME THING with Tim Huskisson NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME with Tim Huskisson

Click these links for video clips from Peggy Sue's

I FEEL SO GOOD with West Weston CHAIN OF FOOLS with JJ Zarbo IT HURTS ME TOO with Jerimiah Marques and Chris Corcoran THAT'S ALL RIGHT with Jerimiah Marques and Chris Corcoran

More videos by Steve on the titles

STORMY MONDAY...Nolan Wiltz, Graeme Turner, Tim Huskisson, Martin McNeill HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN...Nolan Wiltz, Graeme Turner, Tim Huskisson, Martin McNeill
PONTIAC BLUES with West Weston and Rob Glazebrook
West Weston, country-style. Video by Ruth Archer STRUT! Martin McNeill, West Weston and JJ Zarbo ROCK THIS HOUSE West Weston, Martin McNeill, JJ Zarbo 12513524_1090302967687889_8674256691772641487_o SHAKE YOUR MONEYMAKER Martin McNeill and West Weston BIG BOSS MAN with John Wright and Fabian Bonner LEO BUD WELCH AT MONDAY BLUES

Leo Bud Welch, from Mississippi, with West Weston and Martin McNeill at Peggy Sue's, May 16 2016

11889999_10152908852282294_7432835053514987205_o DOM PIPKIN AND MARTIN McNEILL

Dom Pipkin and Martin McNeill